What You Need Now: 9 Leather Jogging Pants Kanye Probably Invented

Yesterday, in response to Kanye West’s response to his epic takedown of Kanye’s epic BBC interview, Jimmy Kimmel posed a question that represented the vast divide between fashion people and the general public. Referring to Yezus’ claim that he brought the idea for leather jogging pants to Fendi six years ago and was turned down, Kimmel asked:

“Is that really a thing?”

Jimmy, as sure as Kanye West went to your family’s wedding, leather jogging pants are a thing. Rihanna’s worn them, Beyoncé’s worn them, and Kim and Kanye have definitely worn them.

Outside of fashion and famous people circles, though, they’re still a cause of some apprehension. Kimmel’s main beef with leather joggers is that they “seem impractical”, which would be true if you were wearing them to perform strenuous exercise. Conversely, Rihanna pairs hers with a black jersey knit top and houndstooth pumps while Beyoncé’s accessorized them with a blazer and wide-brimmed hat.

Below are nine pairs of leather jogging pants that may or may not have been invented by Kanye West. If you’re anything like us, you like your pants to come with an intrinsic air of mystery.

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