WATCH: ‘Chloë Sevigny’ Likes Eating Barbecue On DVF Table Linens

Chloë Sevigny loves herself some barbecue. And by Chloë Sevigny, we mean Drew Droege as Chloë Sevigny in The Greatest Video Series Of Our Time.

We’ve seen “Chloë” wax philosophical on New Year’s resolutions and spring, and now she has some thoughts about that most summer-appropriate of cuisines: barbecue (pronounced “barbequois”, duh). In true Fake Chloë fashion, she likes to eat her BBQ on DVF table linens while wearing Creme de la Mer and discussing slingbacks. There’s also talk of Kelly Osbourne‘s sugar sculptress, as well as the best piece of advice she’s ever given (“negate taupe”). We can’t decide if Fake Chloë’s use of the word “sassy” is a bit of a wink, but we do think Real Chloë would approve.

Decide for yourself below:

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