Chloë Sevigny Would Be Cool With Snooki Wearing Her Clothes

Style icon Chloë Sevigny has lots of interesting things to say, which is why we read practically every interview she does. Her latest, with BULLETT, teaches us all about Sevigny’s childhood, her favorite things, and the actress-designer’s feelings toward Snooki.

On when she knew she was different:

Maybe 2nd or 3rd grade? I grew up in a really wealthy community and even the young girls would flaunt their wealth and ostracize girls who didn’t come from money. There was this one girl in particular who was the queen bee at school, and she would have the other girls tie her shoes. Me and a few other girls would go up against her.

On what she loves most:

I don’t know if I have a favorite possession now. I mean, I like my apartment, but I don’t know if that counts. I have a bejeweled Estée Lauder compact—this is so embarrassing— that I got in Europe, because I get paranoid and have to check myself a lot. It sounds so egocentric, but I can’t exude confidence if I’m worried that there’s something on my face. I have to be able to check my nose and powder my face, or the other way around.

On Snooki hypothetically wearing her clothes:

I read somewhere that Abercrombie & Fitch offered to pay The Situation not to wear their clothes—but who am I to say who should be wearing mine? I do remember someone saying that…what’s Paris Hilton’s sister called? Isn’t it Nicky or something? Anyway, she apparently talked to someone about my first collection, and was like, ‘I don’t get it.’ I was like, Good! I’m glad she doesn’t get it. It’s not for her. Besides, what’s there to get with clothes? So if Snooki wants to wear my clothes, go for it. I think she’d look a lot better in them.

On who she wants to dress:

It would for sure be one of the Fanning girls. I don’t think I’d faint, but I would get excited.

Those Fanning girls, man. Killing it.


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