WATCH: Take A Peek Inside Chloë Sevigny’s Awesome Closet

When it comes to closets we’d love to raid, Chloë Sevigny‘s is on our shortlist. Since we’re not quite on that level with Sevigny (yet), an adorable video tour will have to do.

Opening Ceremony got a peek at the actress/designer/muse/general awesome person’s closet, and in the process we learned a whole lot of things. For example, Sevigny’s favorite color is pink! She hates LA, and lives in New York’s East Village. She keeps everything, including Alber Elbaz‘s Oscar dress sketches. And, of course, she has tons of covetable duds (Proenza! Comme des Garcons!). She’s just the coolest.

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Here, look, drool:

[Opening Ceremony]

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