Choupette Lagerfeld Eats Paté Out of Goyard Dishes At Every Meal

Forget canned cat food — that’s a real fancy feast.

Kristina O’Neill of Harper’s Bazaar sat down with Karl Lagerfeld to talk about his ‘very famous’ cat, Choupette, who has two maids, an iPad, and an entire collection styled after her. In the interview, the Kaiser gave us a breakdown of Choupette’s diet.

Kristina O’Neill: Tell me about her eating habits.

Karl Lagerfeld: She goes in the kitchen and sits in front of the food. She doesn’t like to eat on the floor, so I have to put the food on the table. Her dishes are by Goyard. She has one for water, one for her little croquette, and one for her pâté. You have to serve everything, and she makes a choice.

Choupette also has regular manicures.

KO: Does she scratch? Does she have claws?

KL: Yes, the doctor does her manicure. She hates when we do it ourselves. The only time she makes a scandal is then.

And Karl monitors everything single thing she does.

KO: Does she have a favorite person besides you?

KL: I hope not! But, yes, the two maids, especially one called Françoise. They spend hours together and do her beauty jobs, her hair, and all those things, and they have moments of tenderness with her. They have to write in the book exactly what they’re doing. Because there’s a diary, I know everything.

This is one coddled kitty, but we knew that already. Also, can we discuss the fact that Karl has cat ears in that photo?

[Harper's Bazaar]



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