PHOTO: Chris Christie Is First GOP Politician To Wear Hot Pink Tie

They say the clothes make the man, so what can we say about a guy who wears a hot (and we mean hot) pink necktie to make a very important speech?

That’s exactly what New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who may or may not be seeking the Republican nomination for president, did last night when he made a speech at the Reagan Library’s Perspectives on Leadership Forum. It’s not a very presidential look — but that’s OK. Christie hasn’t declared his run yet, and might never do so.

Depending on the light in the library, Christie’s tie ranged from deep magenta to highlighter pink — at some points it was even definitely Styleite pink, but that’s neither here nor there. The fact is we can’t recall seeing any politician, Democrat or Republican, wear a tie such a bright, colorful tie in a long, long time, and we don’t know if we’ve ever seen one of our elected officials wearing this particular shade of pink. (With the exception of that pink plaid shirt Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock wore last summer.)

But is that what Christie is trying to tell us? That he’d be a different kind of president, one we haven’t seen in a long time? His speech, which touched on everything from bipartisan divisions in government to the dwindling promise of American exceptionalism, made a lot of references to Ronal Reagan’s leadership style. Afterward, he told the assembled crowd that the drive to run for president doesn’t “reside inside” him. At least not yet.

Check out the tie, and what he has to say about his presidential ambitions, below.

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