(UPDATED) Chrissy Teigen Talks About Her Wedding Dress(es)


chrissy teigen

Bad news, ladies: John Legend is officially married. Yesterday the singer finally married model-turned-bizarre-bikini-designer Chrissy Teigen after two years of engagement.

Yesterday in Lake Como, the couple tied the knot, in what we can only imagine was a delightfully lavish ceremony. Chrissy Teigen recently revealed that she had not one, but three different wedding gowns lined up for the day.

“Every time I went in [to Vera Wang] for a fitting, I couldn’t stop getting one,” she explained. We’re not sure if that means she waited until the absolute last minute to choose between her options, of if she had a Cher concert-inspired wedding with multiple outfits changes. But either way, we feel her: Vera Wang is just too good.

We don’t know for sure which Vera Wang dress(es) the bride wore, but we do know she kept it simple: “I’m not going to be that ball gown girl at all. I don’t want to shock the guy coming down the aisle. I just want to be myself.”

Oh, and in case you forgot that crucial wedding detail only John Legend should have known, we also know Teigen was commando under her Vera Wang, thanks to that recent conversation she had with Joan Rivers.

The question on all of our minds, though, is which of these will she wear?

UPDATE: Chrissy posted a picture of herself in one of her dresses onto Instagram.

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