Christian Dior Promises Not To Copy Christian Louboutin’s Red Soles

Clearly one major luxury fashion house has learned not to mess with Christian Louboutin. Christian Dior, which already has its own problems to deal with, said Wednesday that in contrast to reports that would suggest otherwise, it has no plans to make or sell shoes featuring Louboutin’s trademark red soles next season.

We imagine that news must have been met with cheers of appreciation at Louboutin Inc., which is currently mired real deep in a lawsuit against Yves Saint Laurent. That house did make and sell shoes with red soles just last season, and Louboutin, which owns the US Trademark for red-soled shoes, is pursuing a lawsuit against the brand.

In that pursuit, Louboutin is said to have hired a private investigator. A Dior salesperson was reported to have told the investigator that the brand would be making its own red-soled shoes. Can you imagine how panicked the Louboutin legal team must have been when it thought it would have to fight its red-soled war on two fronts?

Thankfully, a Dior spokesperson set the story straight in Women’s Wear Daily. But even if Louboutin doesn’t have Dior to worry about, there’s still YSL. Louboutin asked a judge in Manhattan for a preliminary injunction on sales of the offending YSL kicks. And if it’s not granted, the company might not be able to further defend its trademark.

“If the order is not issued, it would be seen by third parties as a sort of win by YSL,” said [Louboutin’s lawyer Harley] Lewin, who explained that this could lead to a “ripple effect,” signaling that other brands could produce red-soled shoes without the threat of any legal action from Louboutin.

Ouch. No legal action? For a company that loves a lawsuit (to protect the brand!), that would be a bummer.


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