Guess Who’s Writing The Foreword To Louboutin’s Book

So, when Christian Louboutin isn’t making the world’s coolest stilettos or naming those stilettos after Blake Lively, he’s hanging out with his friends in Marrakech, watching movies and generally living a life that most of us here on the ground could only dream of. And apparently that life involves getting completely inappropriate people to write the foreword of your book.

At the Marrakech International Film Festival last week, the shoemaker told’s Darrell Hartman that during the home stretch for his company’s 20th anniversary of making heels for women with cash to burn, he’s working on a book. And he’s called upon the guy we thought would be least likely to care about women’s shoes to pen the first few pages of the tome. Instead of a designer or a model or even a trusted cobbler friend, Louboutin went with an actor who can’t even wear the shoes he makes.

You’re celebrating your company’s 20th anniversary next year. What do you have planned?
I’m working on the book. It’s a lot of archives, shoes that no longer exist that I have to redo. The foreword will be done by someone who is here [at the Marrakech film festival], John Malkovich.

The thing we find funniest? Hartman didn’t ask “Why John Malkovich?” Or if he did, he didn’t publish the answer.

Well. Maybe Malkovich cares about six inch platform stilettos. Maybe he has a whole closet full of Very Prives tucked away somewhere in his house. Maybe Louboutin picked him because he’s the last person everyone would expect. Who knows? We’re pretty much stumped on this one.

Check out the rest of the Q&A here to find out how Louboutin decides to name a shoe after someone (you could be next!) and what he thinks about shocking people.

Christian Louboutin Prepares To Toast 20 []

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