WATCH: Christie Brinkley Tears Up On The ‘Today’ Show

Christie Brinkley just can’t escape from her four-year-old divorce from Peter Cook.

While Brinkley has been relatively quiet about the ordeal, Cook recently opened up a can of worms on ABC’s “Nightline” by addressing old claims that he has sent vicious emails to Brinkley and is not paying child support.

Brinkley (who we give props for paying her overdue taxes in a day) didn’t immediately respond to Cook, but when she appeared on NBC’s “Today” this morning to talk about her return as Roxie Hart in Broadway’s “Chicago”, Matt Lauer steered the conversation toward the divorce. She hesitantly addressed Cook’s recent “character assination” of her, his minimal child support payment, and her children. By the end of the interview, she was in tears and had trouble getting her words out.

Watch Cook’s interview here and Christie’s below.

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