Christina Aguilera Suffers Spray Tan Faux Pas At Etta James’ Funeral

We’ve always been wary of lotions which purport to turn our skin a different color, mainly because it’s so hard to tell if that color will actually be the color you want and furthermore, who’s to say that color will even look good on you? Also, no matter what anyone says, it never really looks natural. Anyway, this is all a long winded way of saying Christina Aguilera suffered the spray tan faux pas of our nightmares on Saturday — and at Etta James’ funeral, no less.

The New York Post writes:

As Aguilera took the microphone to sing the deceased songstress’ classic “At Last,” she appeared to bend down and wipe her legs with the sleeve of her jacket. As “The Voice” judge proceeded into soulful rendition of the song, it became clear why. Sweating under the bright lights, lines of self tanner began to drip down her shins, leaving pronounced streaks.

You can see Aguilera do the bend and wipe around the 38 second mark in the video below, followed by the old “rub-you-legs-together-and-hope-that-solves-it” trick shortly after.

Sadly, neither worked.

[via NYPOST.]

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