We’re Jealous of Cindi Leive’s NYFW for Different Reasons Than You Think

Let’s start off by saying that it’s a beautiful, lucky thing to be knackered from writing about and taking pictures of clothes day after day instead of, you know, hauling two-by-fours or chopping down forests.

However, after reading Glamour editor in chief Cindi Leive‘s Fashion Week food diary, we find ourselves feeling slightly less charitable and significantly more interested in stealing her ability to fit in real food and sit-down meals in restaurants during a period in which we subsisted mainly on Smartwater, canapés and our memories of that one time we saw Anna Wintour crossing the street.

Waking up at the crack of dawn and having kids to mooch off of probably helps, but still, how does she do it?

For purposes of comparison, we conducted a highly scientific and rigorous survey of our team’s own typical NYFW eating habits. Warning: The results will horrify you. (Sorry, Mom.)

Chelsea: The free Luna Bar that came in a Fashion Week survival kit I had to pretend-download an app for
Lauren: I literally just had iced coffee.
Hannah: One of those kefir ice cream things and two of those kefir smoothies

Lauren: Tasty D-Lite
Chelsea: Room-temperature Illy cappuccino and Altoids from that Fashion Week survival kit I had to pretend-download an app for
Hannah: An iced coffee and bag of chips from Duane Reade

Lauren: My thing during Fashion Week is I’ll skip meals then go all-out at dinner. So one night I split a burger, truffle mac and cheese and a spinach-and-cheese appetizer at Delicatessen.
Hannah: On three of the nights, I got macrobiotic dumplings and boxed fried rice from a deli.
Chelsea: Tomato soup I was too tired to finish, pat of butter neat

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