WATCH: Woman With The Most Plastic Surgery Reveals She’s In Mensa

55-year-old Cindy Jackson has gone under the knife a total of 52 times in 23 years, making her the woman with the most plastic surgery in the world. This morning, she sat down with Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford to talk about her quest for aesthetic perfection and, in a surprising turn of events, she may just make the best case for plastic surgery we’ve ever heard.

Let’s be clear: we’re not exactly anti-plastic surgery. At the end of the day, everyone has dominion over their own body — what you choose to do with it is no one’s business but your own — but there are certain messages spread by magazines, the entertainment industry, and media as a whole that propagate the idea that one should subscribe to a standardized (and relatively unattainable) benchmark of beauty. In a perfect world, everyone would consider themselves perfect.

But throughout Jackson’s segment, Gifford and Kotb were trained on the idea that plastic surgery is bad, and they really seemed to want Jackson to offer a spirited defense of herself — or at least admit to a debilitating level of insecurity. To her credit, Jackson was having none of it. She ascribes to a very scientific notion of beauty — that certain proportions and shapes make a face seem attractive, and that’s what she wanted.

“We all have a template in our brains of what we consider attractive. So, when we see a person walking down the street, within a split second we know whether or not we’re attracted to them. It’s very primal, so there’s no right or wrong…”

Honestly, she does look good and considering the amount of surgery she’s had done, surprisingly natural — though absolutely nothing like the way she looked before she went under the knife. She also seems confident, if somewhat clinical about her transformation — and it’s worth noting that she’s a member of Mensa, which basically means she’s really, really smart.

All that said, Kotb and Gifford did miss the biggest question of all. While Jackson alludes to two nose jobs, they never ask her exactly what she’s had done — and that’s a list we’d love to see.

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