PHOTOS: Cindy Sherman’s Creepy, Cool Collaboration With MAC

Do a quick Google image search for the work of photographer Cindy Sherman and you’re likely to turn up more than a few unabashedly odd photos. That’s exactly what MAC got when it decided to do a makeup collaboration with Sherman, whose work has been raising questions about feminism and the way women are portrayed in the media since she first started snapping pictures of herself.

Sherman’s casts herself in a variety of roles and occupations in her conceptual self-photographs, which range from Sherman-as-fashionista (she collaborated with Balenciaga for Fashion’s Night Out last year) to Sherman-as-crazily-overtanned-lady. And everything in between.

So it’s no surprise that her MAC photos are equally unusual and exaggerated. In one she’s wearing far too much purple lipstick, in another she’s a very literal interpretation of a clown. We suppose the point of the images is to suggest that using makeup, you can transform yourself into anyone and anything — but we’d wager that MAC’s customer base doesn’t want to look like its had too much plastic surgery, even if some of it has. Take a look at the photos below and tell us whether they make you want to open your wallets or run and hide.


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