Claire’s is Targeting the Only People Left Who Don’t Know They’re Over: Little Kids


Claire’s is focusing on the future.

The mall store is losing money like crazy, so they’re going to realign themselves with a new crowd: impressionable children. We know, Claire’s seems so beneath you now, but let’s not forget that they gave you your first real taste of independence with their free ear piercings and tween budget-friendly accessories. And now you’ve abandoned them, right when they needed you most.

In light of the reality that they’re imploding, Claire’s is expanding! Here’s the plan: expose enough new kids to charm bracelets that demonstrate a love of vampires, and save the day. In an effort to reach their new clientele, the company is going to open some Claire’s-branded spaces in Toys ‘R’ Us stores. They’ve already executed this plan all over Europe, and the way it works is Toys ‘R’ Us runs the show, but Claire’s owns the stock. We’d ask Toys ‘R’ Us kids what they thought about Claire’s stuff, but they’d probably say they have to take a whizz.

[Chicago Tribune]

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