Clothing Line Under Fire After Putting a Black Child’s Face on Monkey Shirt


If you’ve ever wanted to see what happens when retail merchandising goes terribly, terribly awry, then feast your eyes on the DISASTER of a shocking in-store display that went viral earlier this week. The company under fire, Just Add A Kid, (that name, though) is being accused of enabling controversial pairings like the one above, featuring a black child’s face on top of a monkey’s body. SMH.

The company offers a wide range of shirts featuring cartoon bodies ranging from cowboys, to basketball players, to amish boys (wut). It’s also interesting to note that the website offers FAR less options featuring the bodies of African-American children but when they do, they are sure to place a big “AA” next to the title. Subtle.



The company has since responded to the public’s overwhelming disapproval, saying that the incident was a ”a total misunderstanding.” They also claim that they ship out the shirts and the hangers separately, leaving it up to the individual store’s staff to build-a-kid as they see fit.


As much as they claim that things like this aren’t “tolerated” or “condoned”, the fact that they just shipped off their product without considering the repercussions is, honestly, pathetically lazy. Also, what is one to think of the AA symbols next to its products? Hopefully the San Diego-based company will learn from their mistake, but either way this is the first time many people are hearing about their company, and safe to say it’s not the best of first impressions.

[Swagger New York]

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