WATCH: CNN Reveals The Men Behind Dolce & Gabbana

In CNN’s most recent installment of Revealed, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce are profiled for their world famous Dolce & Gabana brand, which the narrator describes as “the embodiment of Italian style.” With the brand boasting annual earnings of over of 2 billion dollars, it comes as no surprise that people would want to know about the men behind it.

The profile is endearing. It’s one of those rare cases when we get to see designers as real people — think Isaac Mizrahi in Unzipped, or Valentino Garavani in The Last Emporer. It’s easy to show the genius of a designer’s collections. What’s not as easy is showing the designers for who they are as people, both in the context of their jobs, and the context of their lives as a whole.

Reaveled takes us into the inner workings of Dolce & Gabbana, the friendship. In the first few minutes Stefano speaks openly about their working relationship.

“It’s not possible to imagine my job without Domenico,” he says. “I need him all the time, and he need[s] me. It’s like a designer with two heads.”

That said, there is some comic relief to be found in the show — namely, the acting coach the duo hires to imbue their models with the appropriate gravitas. If you’re looking for laughs, that part happens around 4:38.

Preparing for the Men’s Fall/Winter 2010 runway show.

The designers at their vacation home in Portofino.

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