Coco Rocha Rocha’s Next Gig: Technology Editor?

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As a supermodel, TV host, Irish step dancer, and devout Jehova’s Witness, Coco Rocha has proven many times over that when it comes to her talents, there’s more than meets the eye. Her latest area of expertise? Technology.

On her personal blog Oh So Coco, Rocha announced that she is the newest contributing editor at PC Magazine. Another shocking bit of trivia: She would “rather buy a new tablet over a new pair of heels any day of the week.” Gasp!

In her ongoing column, Rocha will show us the ways in which the worlds of fashion and technology collide. For her first article, “Shapeways Shifts Fashion,” she offers some fruit for thought on the 3D printing phenomenon and how it could revolutionize fashion for designers, consumers, and manufacturers alike. Adding to her credibility is the fact that Rocha got a firsthand look at the process by touring the Shapeways 3D printing factory last month.

Still skeptical about her technological prowess? We’ve highlighted some of the most insightful sections of the article, below.

On putting the economics of 3D printing in perspective:

“It doesn’t matter how complex or simple the item is, the price is only determined by the materials that are used. That fact alone makes this process radically different from any other; imagine a carpenter telling you that no matter how complex the carving, you’re only paying for the weight in wood. Or a clothing designer telling you that however much time is spent sewing, you’ll only pay for the weight of fabric and thread.”

On one of her favorite 3D designers:

“One designer I especially admire for pushing forward her design and manufacturing methods is Iris van Herpen, who has been pioneering the use of 3D printing in fashion for a little while now with startling results. Her work, a hybrid of architecture, sculpture, and old-fashioned tailoring has proven that outrageous shapes and designs in fashion, though once incomprehensible to bring to life, are now possible.”

Her closing statement:

“Beyond 3D printing alone, it’s clear that there are many opportunities for fashion and technology to merge in a much deeper way in the future. Fashion, the untouchable princess that she is, will become far more personal to each one of us. I for one am very excited to watch this all unfold.”

While Rocha doesn’t exactly have an engineering degree (or journalism degree, for that matter), we salute her effort to help blur the line between these two contrasting worlds.

If this geeky stuff is up your alley, be sure to check out some of our own stylish tech discoveries, see Dita von Teese model the first-ever 3D-printed dress, and retrace the history of fashion’s love affair with the cellphone.

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