Coco Rocha Responds To Claims Of Longchamp ‘Photoshop Fail’

Take a look at the Longchamp ad below starring Coco Rocha. Do you notice anything missing?

The Photoshop Disasters blog did, and published a post noting that the legs of the second model, Emily DiDonato, seem to have been digitally removed. This was then picked up by the The Huffington Post, which caught the attention of one of the campaign stars.

As an ardent opponent of unnecessary limb removal (to say nothing of unwelcome clothing removal), Rocha took to her Tumblr to clarify that no, DiDonato is not another victim of an overzealous art department, but was in fact perched in a very precarious looking position above the bike’s back wheel:

Accctually, as you can see in the behind-the-scenes pictures above (which were posted everywhere a few months back) she’s just balancing with her feet on the seat behind me. Skillful, I know, but no photoshop disaster this time.

The side-angle says it all:

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