WATCH: Conan Really Loves It When Women Wear Jeggings

Everyone’s favorite quote machine Tim Gunn stopped by Conan last night to talk fashion trends and his new book, but unfortunately found his segment hijacked by the red-headed host’s bordering-on-obsessive love of jeggings.

O’Brien began the conversation by asking about the ever-ubiquitous skinny jean trend, which then quickly morphed into a manifesto on jegging — a jean trend O’Brien is apparently very happy about.

“Okay, this is what I really want to talk about. This new phenomenon the ladies are wearing: jeggings! I want to say this on the air. I love it when the ladies wear jeggings. I’m obsessed with jeggings. I love jeggings. Not on the fellas, lets be clear with that. When I see women on the lot here walking around wearing jeggings, I just do a backflip.”

Gunn, for his part, showed some concern for both O’Brien’s fervor for jeggings and for the idea that what is basically a “denim and lycra leotard” has become such a pervasive trend on “all physiques.”

You can watch the jegging clip below, or Gunn’s entire segment below that, but the best part is most definitely when O’Brien starts talking about a future jegging-themed episode for which the host himself will wear a pair of the now infamous and Google trending pants. Fingers crossed! (That bit starts around 4:45.)

Whole Tim Gunn Interview:

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