Congratulations, Prada! You Had The Best Year Ever!

Let it be known: 2011 was Prada‘s best year ever.

Prada went public in Hong Kong back in June, and its net profit rose 72.2% to $600.3 million in the 12-month period leading up to Jan. 31 of this year. Some other fun numbers for you: revenue increased 24.9% to $3.54 billion, and the company saw a 40.7% sales bump in the leather goods category. So. Much. Money.

Other highlights of Prada’s 2011? They came out with Simpsons shoes (and McDonald’s uniforms), inexplicably teamed up with Tobey Maguire, pissed off Giorgio Armani, dressed some famous ladies, went ice skating, launched a jewelry line, made expensive headphones, and got all fruity. And 2012 shouldn’t be too shabby either — we’re excited to see Miuccia Prada at the Met, even if she isn’t.


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Dan Abrams, Founder