Magazine-Mocking Plastic Surgery Ad Banned For Being Harmful To Children

Another day, another advertisement banned by the British Advertising Standards Authority for being far too intense for the eyes of innocent children. This time, the watchdog has pulled an ad that poked fun at a women’s magazine while advocating fast, easy, low-cost breast augmentation.

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The Spire Healthcare company created a bus-stop ad that looked a lot like a Cosmo cover, complete with a busty woman showing off her cleavage against a colored backdrop. But instead of the usual cover lines promising 1,001 Ways to Please Your Man or Sexy Secrets No One Would Ever Tell Their Mother-In-Law (But We Will on Page 118!), the text promised that Spire’s boob jobs were “more affordable than you may think” and that you could surgery on the same day as your consultation.

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The ASA said it got ten complaints about the ad, most of which were concerned that it trivialized cosmetic surgery as something you could decide to do in an afternoon, not decision that you should weigh carefully. People were also concerned that because the ad was mostly found on bus stops, children could easily see them and start thinking about elective surgery as some kind of glamorous quick fix.

So the ASA, which has been on an ad-banning spree of late, made Spire Healthcare take the ad down — and they even threw in a further accusation of carelessness, saying that putting the ads on bus stops was “untargeted” and “uncontrolled.”

The authority has been banning all sorts of ads over the last few months — a deodorant ad got banned for being degrading to women, and Hailee Steinfeld‘s Miu Miu ads got banned because they depicted a “child in danger.”

Take a look at the cosmetic surgery ad below and tell us in the comments if you think it should have been banned.

[The Guardian via The Huffington Post]

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