Cosmopolitan Is Coming To The Middle East (Pun Intended!)

International editions of magazines are nothing new — we write about them all the time. (Remember those amazing layered Vogue covers?) But we were surprised to read that Cosmo‘s next venture is Cosmopolitan Middle East. Do you think The Cosmo Girl’s Guide to Oral Sex (including What To Do With His Balls) will translate?

Cosmo has 61 international editions, and its 62nd will be published in English and distributed across the Middle East with an initial print run of 15,000. A press release reads: “The magazine’s engaging, upbeat and informative tone will resonate with the young women of the region.” And while that may be true, this is also a region where women’s rights are severely curtailed. Generally speaking, sexually liberal the Middle East is not.

The argument for bringing the mag to the area is that “the Middle East has one of the youngest populations in the world so introducing a local edition of the world’s best-selling magazine for young women seems an obvious decision.” We’re interested to see how much the edition will (or perhaps won’t) differ from the American version, and how it will be received in the region. Do you think it will sell?


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