Could Tooth Tattoos Be the New Nail Art?

If you’re bored of lip tattoos, blinged-out grills, or even decorative eye implants, then consider getting your teeth inked. While the trend isn’t anything new, dentist Steven Landman of Ellington Dental Associates in Connecticut has been tattooing teeth for the past decade, the idea of having a personalized design on your pearly whites definitely takes body art to another level.

The only caveat? You have to have shitty teeth. Right now, these tattoos aren’t meant for healthy teeth but for clients and patients who are due for a dental crown. A dentist will take an impression of the tooth to fit a crown. The mold is then sent over to a dental lab where they can apply a “dental stain” or tattoo onto the crown. The procedure costs much less than your typical ink tattoo ($75-$200) and is less painful, too. The tooth tattoo can last for a number of years, similar to the span of a porcelain crown.

If there’s nail art, why can’t there be tooth art?

[Daily Mail]

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