Karl Lagerfeld Told Courtney Love To Stop Wearing Tutus

Karl Lagerfeld has been known to say some pretty outrageous things. Courtney Love has been known to wear some pretty outrageous outfits. Put the two together, and, well, you know what’s going to happen, don’t you? Unforgettable fashion quotes, that’s what!

Love told WWD last night at the after party for the new Michelle Williams film, Meek’s Cutoff, that she skyrocketed into fashion prominence so quickly that it literally made her go crazy. One season she barely got invited to shows and the next, “I was over-over-invited and I was sitting in the Coco Chanel suite at the Ritz [Paris] having a nervous breakdown.”

Love had just seen a screening of a different film, Hit So Hard, which features a lot of footage of her, her late husband Kurt Kobain and their daughter Frances Bean Cobain. And apparently, there’s also a clip of Chanel‘s genius designer telling her to stop wearing tutus.

But in the movie tonight, you see it’s when I first came to town, it’s one in the morning, I’m eating cookies wearing this Geminola dress — Christmas green, Christmas red. I’m wearing red eyeshadow with green on top. And Louboutins that are so blingy. And feathers in my hair. And you know, what happened was, Lagerfeld looks at me and goes ‘What are you wearing? A tutu? I see a tutu.

You’re never going to get laid in a tutu.’ And I go, ‘I have a record coming out!’ and he goes: ‘It’s not working.’ So I was in that like, tutu phase. I’m on film forevermore…in a tutu. It’s tragic.’

But at least Love has friends like Lagerfeld who will give it to her straight, right? Because it takes a village to raise a fashionista. It really does.

Pioneers and Courtney Love [WWD]

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