Courtney Love Sued For Losing $100K Worth Of Jewelry

And the Courtney Love press train continues. This time, Love is being sued by “Jeweler to the Stars” Jacob Arabov* for not returning almost $114,000 of loaned jewelry.

According to the lawsuit filed on Monday, Love borrowed “two white gold and diamond chains, a white gold, floral-design mesh bracelet and a pair of white gold and diamond pave hoop earrings” — and while Love told Jacob she lost them, Jacob says she’s on the hook either way.

Jacob’s lawyer, Jeffrey Klarsfeld, told the Associated Press that “their agreement specified that she was responsible for them ‘regardless of loss or damage.'” While we’re not trying to defend Love, we do think Jacob would do well by taking out some extra insurance against loss when lending to her. Remember, this is the woman whose hotel room was described by Eric Wilson thusly:

There were two full-size rolling racks packed with designer clothes, a pile of jewelry from Hollister, a shopping bag from Lululemon, a pack of Marlboro Gold cigarettes, fashion magazines, a guitar, faxes from Grazia, three wilting bouquets of peonies and roses, a nondisclosure contract, chocolates from Vosges and a neatly stacked pile of books with titles like “Talking the Winner’s Way,” “100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know,” “Getting Even,” “How to Instantly Connect With Anyone” and “What to Say to Get Your Way.”

Jacob’s lawsuit seeks the return of the borrowed baubles or $113,700 in payment. Love’s camp has yet to respond.

*If, for some reason, you’re not familiar with Jacob the Jeweler, this is the guy who went to federal prison in 2008 for lying to investigators who were looking into what the Associated Press calls “a multi-state drug ring.” He’s previously designed jewels for Paris Hilton, Elton John, Madonna, a bevy of rappers and hip-hop stars and was released from prison (into a halfway house) in April.

NYC jeweler sues Courtney Love to get bling back [AP]


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