Courtney Love Stole David LaChapelle’s Car Last Night

A lot of people have called rocker and fashion-lover Courtney Love a lot of things, and, well, thief is one of them. So it didn’t really come as any surprise to us when news broke last night that Love had stolen photographer David LaChapelle‘s car.

According to Page Six, the two were hanging out at New York’s exclusive hotel and celebrity hangout SoHo House Tuesday night before LaChapelle had to head off to an exhibition at Lever House. LaChapelle wanted film director Brett Ratner to come with them, and dispatched Love to go and get him. But when Love hadn’t come back hours later, LaChapelle apparently got a little hot under the collar.

A source told us, “LaChapelle was freaking out, saying Courtney had taken his car. He was frantically trying to reach her and his driver on the phone to find out where the hell they were.”

Love told Page Six that she couldn’t get Ratner to get out of bed when she got to his house, so she ended up staying and talking with him — and according to another source, she stayed there for most of the night. Which meant LaChapelle had to take a cab home. Maybe he’ll know better next time, but it doesn’t surprise us that someone who can’t pay for the things they buy on Etsy couldn’t be trusted with a car.

[Page Six]

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