Courtney Love Launches A Very Confusing Style Blog

Our Power Grid may have a new addition today, as we just got word that Courtney Love has launched her very own style blog. Only, in typical Love style, it’s not exactly what you think.

While the blog — hosted by Tumblr and called “What Courtney Wore Today” — certainly gives you the rundown of Love’s outfits, its method strays from the typical self-photoshoot and designer list made popular by bloggers like Jane Aldridge and Rumi Neely. Instead, Love posts a mix of videos, personal photographs, artwork, and professional images all of which have one thing in common: Courtney Love.

And instead of writing in first person, like most personal style bloggers are wont to do, Love prefers the third. A sample post:

courtney in her dark night where her cherry blossom tattoos come alive and begin reminding her of those red flowers you see in ramen, only in this case they are cherry blossoms, her hair is the ramen and the flowers grow much huger than anticipated!

What’s unclear though, is whether Love herself is doing the updating, whether it’s her management team — as MTV Style posits — or whether, like one of the initial posts on the site explains, the posts are written by a “secret” blogger who is in cahoots with Love.

For all intensive purposes this is a Social Experiment… CLC will text to us what she is wearing, while we review her” post kook epiphany”- more on that later, and how i came to be so utterly intimate with this wardrobe, which updates quite a bit… for the record both L. and myself have shopped with and mostly, for her, she loathes shopping, really… Heres the thing, CLC told me me and my “team” could say whatever we actually think…

As you might have noticed, this mystery blogger writes remarkably similarly to Love — little to no punctuation an/or capitalization, lots of runon sentences, and very all over the place. We’ll assume, for now, that’s on purpose.

Considering Love (or whoever) only launched the site yesterday, and there are already seven pages of content, we can expect the site to be updated, well, pret-ty frequently.

[via Racked.]

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