Designer Begs Sandra Bullock To Wear His Dress… Via Craigslist

Of all the the random things we find posted on Craigslist, we’ve got to say this one far eclipses the usual bikes, jobs, and sleazy singles ads. In March, aspiring fashion designer Michael Mullen posted an ad on the site in the hopes that actress Sandra Bullock would allow him to make her red-carpet gown for the Oscars. (Also, not content with one medium, he also mounted a Betty White style Facebook campaign on the same topic.)

More importantly though, he decided to take things a step further and checked a new “opt in” box which allowed the site to follow his quest, documentary-style. Well, the video has finally made its way to the newly launched Craigslist.TV and it is just about as hilarious and tragic as it all sounds.

Long story short: he wears a red-boa, has a mom that doesn’t approve of the endeavor, Mexican “friends” that don’t sew fast enough, and struggles to find a model with the  je ne sais quoi to entice Sandy.

Ever the sly foxes, Craigslist has only posted episodes 1 and 2 of Michael’s story — leaving us with the designer on the brink of a total melt-down. Of course if our memory of the Oscars serves us right, it doesn’t include an ill-fitting, ruby red gown. But, a valiant, if terribly terribly misguided effort that makes for a pretty delicious mid-afternoon snack.

Here’s the first installment for your viewing pleasure. (Warning: it’s kind of long.)

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