An Ode To Dad Style, Or Why My Father Reminds Me Of Barack Obama

Today is Father’s Day, and rather than give you a slideshow of OMG FASHIONABLE DADS, I would like to indulge in some real talk regarding Dad Style.

First of all, it’s important for you to know that my dad is the best. I know everyone thinks their dad is the best, but mine really is. He’s the cool, calm, rational parent (a thing my mom freely admits), and is one of the most loyal, kind, and hardworking people I have ever met. Yes, he’s the best. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s delve into this important topic.

My friends tease me when I say my dad reminds me of Barack Obama, but they actually have a lot in common. There’s something in the mannerisms, but there’s also the lawyer thing and the Chicago thing (though Obama is a White Sox fan, unlike my Cubs-loving pop). They also both happen to epitomize Dad Style. They love dad jeans! And polo shirts! And running shoes! They both enjoy golf, and my dad’s taken to wearing polo shirts embroidered with golf course logos. I can imagine Obama doing the same. And before my dad’s firm went casual, he too wore a suit on the daily.

They also both looked pretty groovy back in their younger years (they are almost exactly three years apart, by the way). Obama opted for loud printed shirts, my dad wore short shorts and big glasses. Obama rocked an Afro, my dad rocked a Jewfro. Then they both grew up to marry incredible women, and ditch the hipster-before-hipsters-existed look in favor of something more dad-like.

There is one burning Dad Style question I have about Obama though: does he wear mock turtlenecks? My dad loves them. LOVES THEM. The only person who might love them more than him is Steve Jobs. My dad says they keep his neck warm, but I think he has continued to wear them to annoy his fashion blogger daughter who can deal with endearing dad jeans but openly despises mock turtlenecks (and also actual turtlenecks).

So, dear readers, what about your dads? Do they ascribe to the Dad Style handbook, or are they into trendier gear? Do they enjoy leather pants? These are important things to discuss on this special day! Do share with us in the comments.

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