Daft Punk Stands Next to Another Model on Another Magazine Cover

Replace Karlie Kloss, Milla Jovovich and Gisele with Saskia de Brauw, switch up the location from Midtown Manhattan to a studio to an abandoned beach, carry the one and you’ve got Daft Punk’s latest cover.

We’ve already tried our hands at inconvenient truth-telling, so why not give higher math a go? Plug-and-chug is the easiest kind of arithmetic anyway, and what we have here is definitely a formula.

For its Dec. 7 issue, M, le magazine du Monde used the tried-and-true Daft Punk + top model = people will talk equation, with a few changes to keep things fresh — or as fresh as they can be after Vogue, CR Fashion Book and WSJ Magazine honored the helmeted hommes in July, August and November, respectively. The metal-men-flanking-girl configuration is still alive and well for its third run, but this time, there are some rocks and a car involved, and a moody, cinematic feel thanks to Peter Lindbergh’s expressive black-and-white photography.

Does the Daft Punk Theory hold up here? Somewhat. Those chrome craniums get you through the door, but it’s the romantic, not-tongue-in-cheek treatment that makes the lengthy spread an instant crush.

[Fashion Gone Rogue]

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