Daisy Lowe: Looks Aren’t Everything

Ever since we fell in love with Daisy Lowe (it was love at first sight, there was nothing we could do), we’ve known that she doesn’t have a body like one of the 15-year -olds you see strutting down the runway so often. She’s a woman and her body looks like she’s a woman. Lowe built an entire clothing line around looking that way.

But despite getting paid to be absurdly beautiful all day long, Lowe’s self-esteem suffered a serious blow recently when she saw pictures of herself on vacation in tabloids.

When photographs of Lowe on holiday in Ibiza with her new boyfriend, Doctor Who star Matt Smith, appeared, something snapped. “I looked at those pictures and thought: ‘Everything looks really bad.’ You try and block things out, but when you see your cellulite circled in magazines by women who want to feel better about themselves, it’s really sad. It got so bad that I had to take time out to tell myself: ‘It’s OK, you don’t have to freak out: looks aren’t everything.'”

And we agree on two counts here: 1) looks really aren’t everything, and 2) people subjugating stars to such intense, bloodthirsty scrutiny to make themselves feel better is more than a little unfortunate. We have to wonder whether there’s any hope for the rest of us if Lowe can be made to feel bad about the way she looks. I mean, have you seen the way the girl dances?

Still, Lowe does manage to reassure herself that just because her skin doesn’t resemble alabaster, she is in fact a gorgeous woman.

“A lot of samples don’t fit me,” she smiles. “But I love being put into the ‘curvy’ category.”

And we love it too — honestly, who wouldn’t?

[Via The Daily Telegraph]

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