Is 17-Year-Old Dakota Fanning Too Young For The Cover Of Cosmo?

Maybe you can help us decide whether or not we’re OK with this. Dakota Fanning, who is a 17-year-old girl despite how mature and adult she seems in all those movies she’s starred in alongside Oscar winning actors and whatnot, is on the February cover of Cosmopolitan, a magazine best known for giving you new ways to please your man every month.

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We’re not saying that Fanning should be treated like a child just because she can’t buy cigarettes yet, but putting her on newsstands all over the country with her face next to the text “His Best Sex Ever” is just a touch too nonchalant for our taste. In the eyes of the law, Fanning is still underage, and putting her in league with the full-grown sex symbols who normally cover this magazine sort of makes it seem like she’s reached her prime before she’s even reached her prime. (We’re also not sure such a young ingenue will make a connection with Cosmo‘s reader base, but that’s sort of neither here nor there.)

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Still, we’re sure Fanning wouldn’t have agreed to this cover — or to any of her very grown up film roles — if she couldn’t handle it, and the image of her is on the cover is pretty. Check it out and tell us how you feel about it.


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