‘Dance Moms’ Put a 13-Year-Old in a Headdress in Jazz Parody of Native American Culture

Bad Lifetime television show you’re probably not watching anyway, something called Dance Moms, has given you another reason to not watch it — a dance routine called “Tribal Council.” This jazzy (as in the type dance, it actually looks pretty boring for something so controversial) routine takes inspiration not from the elimination series of Survivor but from Native American culture, and involves the most “native” looking of the tweens involved wearing a full Native American headdress. Apparently chief dance mom Abby of the eponymous Abby Lee Dance Company got the idea after seeing Cher in concert. Gahhhh.

In the video, which you can see below, all the girls rock tinsel-trimmed gold fanny flaps and offensive face paint, while not-as-white lead dancer Nia wears a full headdress. They all take turns dancing on a drum, with some mean mugging thrown in for some senseless reason.

The photo of Nia posted to Dance Moms’ Facebook page is already copping a lot of hate comments from people who aren’t idiots and find the dance offensive. Many are also taking issue with the constant stereotyping of the show’s one brown contestant:

Shaunetta Wilson So far this child has had to dress up as a dog, a 70’s blacksploitation charachter a slave, an Indian and now a Native American. Abby we get it her skin is brown.

Cyerca Pannell Why when she does a solo it’s always black this, black music, etc

Amari Johnson Nia is always singled out for solos like this. Abby has no respect for their culture whatsoever. She just wants to win. It’s not okay to dress up and pretend to be from another culture. It’s not a tribute, it’s not paying homage, it’s not a compliment, it’s wrong.

IDK though, maybe it’s just an Ibiza hat.

[ONTD via Glamorosi]

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