Danny Roberts, Fashion Illustratrator Extraordinaire

One Model Management’s Christopher Michael sat down with fashion illustrator Danny Roberts to talk about fashion blogging, magazines, and illustration’s place in a technologically obsessed world.

Roberts’ portraits are absolutely enthralling, combining delicate wire-like lines with bright watercolors paints. He draws models (his favorite subject), bloggers, and his own imaginary characters, all perfectly dressed with fantastically styled hair. And in an industry that is more focused on photoshopping than originality, Roberts stands out as a much needed outlier.

In an interview which dubs him this generation’s Andy Warhol, Danny Roberts shares some of his thoughts. Here are some of our favorite questions and their answers from the interview.

Christopher Michael: At a turning of the page in our industry’s culture, the new and improved ‘it kids’ are today’s fashion bloggers. It seems a small, yet select group of you have been receiving international acknowledgement by some very key ‘powers that be’ in our business as of late… What sort of experiences have you had in being considered one of the relevant contributors to this newly discovered realm of bloggers?

Danny Roberts: It’s been an absolute complete honor! It’s so incredible because my brother talked me into starting my blog. I did it, not really expecting that anyone would actually read it, and it’s been one of the most amazing experiences ever.

CM: In the past year or so there also seems to be a return of illustration to the fashion pages that have so long been dominated by photography, this making it a perfect time for you to enjoy quite a lot of opportunity as an artist. Aside from being happy about this, why do you think illustration is coming back as prominently as it is?

DR: I think with the rise in technology, it has made perfection something attainable with photography. I think, as a whole, people relate more to imperfection instead of perfection. So I think it’s the imperfections of painting and illustration that are helping it come back.

CM: Amidst your multimedia hurricane, what can we anticipate from your ongoing and ever changing realm of work?

DR: I’m hoping to launch a web channel in the near future, that covers art, fashion, & music. I’m still looking for contributors to the shows. Also, I’ve been working on writing a music album. There are a few collaborations I’m working on, but it’s too early to mention them yet.

Read the full interview with Danny Roberts on Models.com

Illustration courtesy of Igor And Andre.

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