Daphne Guinness & Amanda Harlech Swap Identities For V Magazine

Earlier this month, we reported that Amanda Harlech and Daphne Guinness traded places for a Karl Lagerfeld-shot editorial for V Magazine‘s transformation issue. The pictures have arrived, and they’re as awesomely bizarre as we hoped they’d be.

The shoot took place in Paris, with Harlech wearing a Chanel Haute Couture gown (gifted by Lagerfeld a “half decade before”) and Guinness in an Alexander McQueen creation (recently designed by her close friend Sarah Burton). Oh, to be a muse.

Along with the photos, V published an interview that proved to be just as fascinating as the images themselves.

On the evolution of their personal styles:

Amanda Harlech: My personal style hasn’t changed: it’s gotten stronger, more distilled, and less scattered. I moved on from deconstructing my school uniform via punk, to Tess of the d’Urbervilles and the eponymous geisha, to an edge which I now recognize as “Amanda.”

Daphne Guinness: When I was a child, I was always very shy and tried to meld into the background. The problem was that later in life it started to have the opposite effect—I thought I was in deep disguise, but in fact I was sticking out like a sore thumb.

On how they met and became best friends:

Daphne Guinness: I honestly can’t remember where, but it’s been nearly two decades now. I do, however, remember my first impression: she was the most beautiful person I had ever encountered in my life, like an ethereal fairy. She has become a kindred spirit who, like me, loves the idea of beautiful things more than the concept of fashion. She’s a very well-rounded person, and has a good amount of distance from the drama of it all. And, since we’re speaking of transformations, allow me to say what’s inside of her hasn’t changed. Ever.

Amanda Harlech: I met Daphne at a fashion show in London. I forget the designer, but I remember being mesmerized by this modern Anna Karenina, a fragile bird in a tilting hat with a veil, porcelain skin, and dark, lustrous eyes that looked like they were full of tears. There was a dark velvet, blackish purple something, a ribbon maybe, and gloves, and delicacy, and a peal of laughter with a lyric voice from another century. Yeah, it was love at first sight!

On what it felt like to “transform” into each other:

Amanda Harlech: When I walked out on set with my blonde hairpieces, Karl burst out laughing and said I looked like a hausfrau. I won’t be doing it again, but secretly I did love the allure of Daphne’s blondeness. It was like playing the princess role instead of always being the witch.

Daphne Guinness: I trust Karl implicitly, but I wasn’t entirely excited about becoming a brunette. Yet, the end result was something magical: I was very surprised, and I wasn’t expecting Karl to take as many pictures as he did. I sort of channeled Amanda at the end, and she was channeling me, and it was extraordinary. Let’s be honest: it could have gone horribly wrong, but it was a stroke of genius on Karl’s part.

To read the rest of their interview, check out the article over at V. And be sure to take a look at the sure-to-be legendary pictures in the slideshow below!

[Via V Magazine]

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