Surprise of the Week: Daphne Guinness is ‘Laying Down an Album’

“A haunting, Galadriel from Lord Of The Rings-like sound floods the room …” After you mosey on over to YouTube to confirm that sounds like what you thought it would sound like, riddle us this: How is it that the notion of Daphne Guinness singing still seems novel yet logical at the same time?

Penelope Cruz (and her much-admired cleavage) may have covered The Edit this week, but it was Vassi Chamberlain‘s interview with the couture-collecting, apparently musical heiress that captured our fancy. Inside, she opens up about living through — and surviving — Alexander McQueen‘s and Isabella Blow‘s deaths:

“Issy was the first person to make me smile … But I don’t want to become the poster-child for fashion suicide, it’s not a good place to be. I need to live my life, not everybody else’s death.”

To do just that, Guinness created a foundation in honor of Blow to fund Central Saint Martins students, helped with the exhibition of Blow’s extraordinary closet at Somerset House in London and began to record an album of otherworldly, Tolkienian noises.

We’re getting way ahead of ourselves dreaming of the tour costumes, the remixes and the dance moves (if gyrating is even possible in heel-less Massaro platforms), but one thing’s for sure: There won’t be any twerking.

[The Edit]

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