Daphne Guinness’s Neighbors Want Her To Stop Taking Baths

Daphne Guinness‘s downstairs neighbors have asked a judge to prevent the brewery heiress and walking work of art from taking baths. In their lawsuit against her, Karim and Tina Samii say that Guinness has flooded their master bedroom four times over the last two years.

But they don’t just want her to stop taking baths — in addition to the watery injunction, the Samiis want $1 million in damages to repair the “substantial damage” done to their home and the “great inconvenience” caused by not having access to their master bedroom.

Rich people have so many problems, right? Because there was totally nowhere else the Samiis could have slept in their $12 million apartment on Fifth Avenue.

But we can’t be too harsh on the couple — they’re just your average, everyday hedge fund managers who want to live their fabulously enriched lives in peace. And it’s not like Guinness is totally innocent here. The whole problem could have been avoided if she’d just conserved a little water. Per The New York Post:

The Samiis called the super, who headed up to Guinness’s apartment, “and Ms. Guinness’ assistant told him that Ms. Guinness had just taken a bath,” the suit says. The super “determined that the flooding occurred because Ms. Guinness had overflowed her bathtub, causing water to continuously pour onto the floor and eventually into plaintiffs’ apartment.”

It’s just like the old saying: Flood my multimillion dollar home once, shame on you. Flood my multimillion dollar home three or four times, and you can bet the judge I own and the entire legal team at my private capital firm is going to get involved.

[Gawker via The New York Post]

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