Daria Strokous Has Thoughts about Aerie’s Photoshop-Free Ads

With one Instagram caption, Daria Strokous became a literary master.

It was Friday, Jan. 17 when She Who Ran through Versailles wrote “#nosupermodels #noretouching We are going out of business girls” below a photograph of American Eagle’s new lingerie campaign, which features un-airbrushed images of “real” women. The debate over whether these ads are stupendous, useless, sucky or mildly sucky still rages on, but two points we can all agree on? (1) This is the Dior darling’s magnum opus and (2) She’s a genius.

Does she think she’s out of a job because she considers herself a supermodel? Or because she needs digital help to look like this? There’s so much intentional obscurity here we can’t even decide if she’s the next Hecht or Mencken.

Anastassia Khozissova also weighed in, commenting “bullshit I can see some retouching already.” Out of the mouths of babes …


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