WATCH: Did David Beckham Use A Body Double For H&M Video?

It’s the ultimate betrayal: after Beckham-obsessed fans noticed incongruencies in the footballer’s famous tattoos while watching the Guy Ritchie-directed short film (see below) promoting his H&M underwear line, the clothing company has been forced to cop to the fact that — gasp! — a body double was used for some scenes. In this still from the shoot, you can clearly see the doppelganger in the background.

A spokesperson reasoned that the lookalike was a necessity, “due to the tightness of [Beckham’s] scheduling.” And since the film is essentially David performing a triathlon through the hedges and swimming pools of a swanky L.A. neighborhood in pursuit of a lost bathrobe, it stands to reason that he got a little tired. But he probably shouldn’t have professed his enjoyment of doing “all the stunts” so enthusiastically in a press conference just a few days before. Guess he underestimated the all-consuming obsession of his fans.

H&M would mostly like viewers to know that it is in fact David Beckham’s finger readjusting the wedgie on David Beckham’s butt in one of the final shots of the advertisement. Maybe let’s stop calling attention to that unnecessarily intimate moment, and just focus on him emerging shirtless from the pool.


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