In Which David Beckham Awkwardly Admits To Wearing Tighty Whities

David Beckham‘s underwear collection will be in your local H&M at the beginning of February, and the soccer player turned “bodywear” designer is doing everything he can to make sure you want to buy it. Including being bashful about the kinds of demands he has for his underwear.

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In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Beckham talked about the new collection, how he decided to distribute it with H&M (they got on the phone with him within 48 hours of hearing he was interested in doing the line) and how becoming an underwear designer fits into his career plans. but he also talked about what he needs in a pair of shorts, and does it awkwardly, too.

“Briefs,” he ventures, “are what I mostly wear. When playing, definitely.” Boxer short-wise, he confesses admiration for those that Mark ‘Marky Mark’ Wahlberg once modelled for Calvin Klein. However, he concurs that too much material in the leg can spark unwanted in-trouser rucking. “Which is why it’s good to wear them at night. I prefer to wear the briefs during the day.” The Beckham voice rises a semi-desperate semi-octave. “But everyone’s different!” Remorselessly, we continue, contemplating a selection of thigh-fitting, boxer-meets-budgie-smuggler hybrids (the label says ‘Trunk Briefs’).

These come in two styles, one offering a buttoned fly, the other a supportive pouchy arrangement. This offers optimal comfort but – how to say it chastely? – reduced egress. “I probably prefer the pouch to the fly,” Beckham says, “personally.” A pause. Then he cracks. The brow ruefully crinkles, and sinks towards his hands. “What I just said! ‘I prefer the pouch’!” Britain’s pre-eminent sporting hero of our time adopts an own-goal slump. From behind her BlackBerry, his personal publicist Jo Milloy says via a sigh that she can see the headline now.

Ouch. Well. Now you know. The collection will be in stores on February 2, complete with a commercial that Beckham says will be a little scandalous.

“Seeing the video I thought, ‘Millions of people are going to see this. And, it’s, ummmm, me, on a turntable, spinning, in my underwear.'”

Well. We certainly don’t have any qualms with that. Read the rest of Beckham’s interview here.

[The Telegraph]

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