David Blaine Wears Adam Kimmel Tux, Swims With Sharks

It takes an intensely creative mind to market a menswear line, but we’re giving a lot of cool points to designer Adam Kimmel for his latest clothing presentation. It’s a video of illusionist David Blaine wearing one of Kimmel’s tuxedos and swimming around with Great White sharks.

Yes, David Blaine, the guy who holds his breath for a long time and gets himself encased in ice and calls it magic. In a really sharp tuxedo, underwater, petting the sea’s most dangerous fish. How crazy is that?

Kimmel invited a few friends, including artist Marina Abramovic and actor Edward Norton, to his home in New York City last night to screen the video, which he expects will be a big hit once it gets online. Guy Trebay of The New York Times attended the screening and noted the success of Kimmel’s non-tradtional approach:

Who needs a fashion show anymore when you can make a video destined to go viral? What runway stunt could possibly compete with “Dressed for Dinner,” the title of the video of Mr. Blaine flouting what looks like certain death?

And make no mistake, Blaine’s doing just that. There’s no CGI tomfoolery involved in the video’s production.

For a week last spring, Mr. Blaine dived daily off Guadalupe Island, intermittently submerged for seven hours at a stretch, accompanied by a caged camera crew there to film the results. “Day 1, we just went out and went down to look around,” he said. “Day 2, we went out and they pushed me out of the cage. Day 3, I started floating around.”

By the fourth day, Mr. Blaine was both acclimated and cocky enough that, gripping the bars outside a cagelike vehicle equipped with propellers, he was able to approach and stroke a 20-foot shark as it swam along. The footage of Mr. Blaine afloat in the ocean, set that evening to a soundtrack of Jimi Hendrix, is surreal and plenty scary. “I start from a picture in my head,” Mr. Blaine said of his process. “Then someone draws it, and then I try to figure out how to make it a reality. I think it’s cool to be the person in the picture.”

We haven’t even seen the video yet and we think it’s cool. Read the rest of Trebay’s story here and find out how Blaine simulated smoking a cigar underwater. Oh, and how he managed not to get eaten alive.

[Via The New York Times]

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