David Cameron Addresses That ‘Embarrassing’ Wardrobe Malfunction

We see mercifully few wardrobe malfunctions amongst celebrities with Y-chromosomes. One that sticks out, however, is the incident back in November when UK Prime Minister David Cameron‘s shirt came unbuttoned at the Lord’s Mayors Banquet, not because it was all that scandalous, but because it happened in just about the fanciest environment around, and to the least likely person we could think of.

The Telegraph reports that, speaking yesterday at a reception during the London menswear collections, the Prime Minister admitted that he’s not exactly the most fashion-conscious of guys — in fact, he’s managed to stay out of the style pages almost entirely during his two years in office:

“I know so little about fashion that the two things I have been on the fashion pages for are not wearing socks with black shoes whilst on holiday – sorry about that one – and attending a banquet at the Guildhall, where in full white tie inexplicably my shirt separated, and there was a rather embarrassing picture.”

Rather embarrassing, yes, but at least it didn’t happen on the red carpet. He’d be in some very questionable company if that were the case.

Plus, he’s not even the one picking out his own attire most of the time, so perhaps Samantha Cameron is to blame for the faulty dress shirt. “When I go shopping my wife doesn’t allow me to look around the store at all,” the Prime Minister joked. “I am put in a changing room and things are passed to me like you would pass food to a prisoner.” Perhaps if Anna Wintour takes that ambassador gig she can pop over to Downing Street sometimes and lend a hand (and a Prada suit or two)?


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