WATCH: Court Allows Man To Fire His Employee For Being Too Attractive

Things are not looking good for attractive Iowans. On Friday, the state’s supreme court ruled that a male dentist was within his rights to fire his assistant for being too good-looking. James Knight alleged that Melissa Nelson, a married mother of two and his employee of ten years, became too “irresistible” for his meagre willpower to handle, so, to eliminate the “threat” and protect his own marriage, he terminated her employment.

Does this seem very, very wrong to you? Yep, us too, but two courts have now ruled that the case does not constitute gender discrimination. Nelson and her lawyer are “appalled” by the verdict: “I think it is completely wrong,” said the former assistant. ”I think it is sending a message that men can do whatever they want in the work force.” According to ABC News, the pair had never engaged in any kind of sexual relationship, but Knight told Nelson’s husband he “feared he would have an affair with her down the road if he did not fire her.”

If that’s not charming enough, in the months leading up to the termination, the dentist quizzed his employee via text about the frequency of her orgasms and acknowledged in court that he once told her “if she saw his pants bulging, she would know her clothing was too revealing.” EW.


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