Football Player Arrested For Refusing To Pull Up Saggy Pants On Airplane

Add this to your packing list: a belt.

University of New Mexico football player DeShon Marman refused to pull up his saggy pants on a US Airways flight from San Francisco to Phoenix last week. Marman (clearly opposed to pulling up his pants) and the flight crew (apparently offended by his lack of a belt) proceeded to engage in an altercation before Marman was arrested for trespassing at the request of the plane’s captain.

Aside from delaying the plane’s departure by an hour, Marman also succeeded in providing an entertaining story for us to discuss! We can’t imagine how “saggy” his pants were to get him kicked off of a plane (“…so low that his genitals were almost showing,” according to attorney Karen Guidotti), but since when has a passenger’s attire prevented a plane from safely flying? Believe us, we’ve seen our fair share of plane passengers sporting outfits that should never be worn out of the house (Crocs, anyone?), but do we think they should be arrested? Only by the fashion police. So Marman, our hearts…and belts…go out to you.

P.S. Someone buy this man a pair of Subs.

[via Reuters]

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