Designer Leon Verres Wants Us to Unite Against Anna Wintour

Despite our love and total admiration for Anna Wintour, we get that there are people who are intimidated by her, scared of her, and who harbor undue amounts of ill will toward her. But Leon Verres might be taking his dislike for the Vogue editor too far.

Today, with the publication a pretty poorly edited press release, Verres has launched a campaign to tell Wintour just how much he doesn’t like her. He’s selling a t-shirt that says “F*ck Vogue” three times. And he wants the rest of the fashionistas in the world to join in. Actually, he already thinks the rest of the fashionistas in the world have joined him.

From the release:

His efforts are supported by almost 3 million “Verresians“, numerous fashion bloggers and by the “Message T-Shirt“ which is currently the most successful and most-produced T-Shirt in the world. “3F” is the name of the flagship T-shirt of Leon Verres’ “Rockstar Billionaire“ streetwear collection, which has been elating people all over the world for some weeks already. It is the T-shirt which millions of fashionistas all over the world have wished for. This T-shirt expresses relentlessly what millions of fashionistas think. It is the T-shirt which shows many designers their cowardice, submissiveness and dependency regarding Anna Wintour in a merciless way. It is the T-shirt which celebrates the democratization of luxury and the new kings of the fashion world, the fashion bloggers. This T-shirt declares war against Anna Wintour and everyone who buys one of these t-shirts joins this war.

The rest of the release (the excerpts of which we couldn’t bring ourselves to edit for fear of, um, mangling Verres’s diction) decries Wintour’s influence and the respect and the fact that she’s basically in control of the fashion industry. Verres says he and his supporters, whoever they might be, have had enough:

“The American Vogue has become obsolete as style authority long ago! The time has come for Anna Wintour to accept this and to let the true critics do their work. The true fashionistas on this planet – this means the 99% of the fashion consumers who do not read the Vogue – prefer to support the army of fashion bloggers, which focuses on what real people in real life wear on the streets instead of showing over-stylized fashion photo series with extremely thin models.”

As bloggers, we appreciate his support of people who do what we do for a living. But as we wrote when Grace Coddington said she hated bloggers, we can’t discount the amount of knowledge and expertise that editors like Wintour and the rest of the team at Vogue have built up over the years. So you’ll have to excuse us, Mr. Verres, if we don’t join in on your crusade.

And we’re totally not gonna buy your t-shirt.

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