Which Major Fashion Houses Are Getting New Designers?

With very few exceptions, we here at Styleite always report cold hard facts, because that’s just what we do. But sometimes we find a rumor that’s too good to pass up, and this blind item from The Imagist so well qualifies as one of those rare gems of fashion-industry gossip that today, we’re willing to play along:

And then there is a stunning piece of hiss that should it come true, would mean two major fashion houses are in line for a serious re-alignment. The three part scoop involves…(A.) one of fashion’s most major designer retiring from a venerable house, making room for that complex and talented countryman of his (B….) jumping from his current house to the vacant throne. Which (C) then leaves another of fashion’s most legendary brands open for a certain star talent to come out of the wilderness back into the luxury fold. If I’ve dramatically dubbed certain industry changes”continental shifts” this change would be like…a new universe exploding into existence. It’s that big!

Now, we realize this could just mean there’s an older designer who’s tired of the game and is ready to retire. It could also just be the industry getting tired of slow news days and blowing hot air for the sake of pageviews.

But we also realize that there could be a kernel of truth somewhere in here, and we can’t help but wonder who’s leaving a major house? We can’t believe Karl Lagerfeld is tired of fashion yet, but he could very easily move on to do any number of things and still make bank. One of the commenters posted:

Maybe Nicholas Ghesquiere is moving to Chanel and Karl is retiring. This would make sense. Nicholas Ghesquiere doing couture OMG can you imagine!

Of course, it could be another country — Italy, perhaps. Another commenter said:

Armani retires.
Pilati replaces him.
Slimane to YSL. ?!?

Fashionologie notes that this second scenario is supported by Pilati’s “tenuous” position at Yves Saint Laurent — and we agree.

What do you think?

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