Dial Wants You to Clean Yourself With Warm Yogurt


Yogurt mania is, well, ridiculous. It’s the kind of gratuitous ridiculousness devised by some mysterious Willy Wonka character as a practical joke on all of us, and we are the willing participants. Because face it: fermented milk just tastes good. The fake ice cream satisfies that very adult desire to pump a generous “small cup” full of chocolatey creaminess and dump a few pounds of Fruity Pebbles and a couple pieces of real fruit on top.

Luckily, Dial released a suite of yogulicious products like Greek Yogurt 7 Day moisturizing lotion, Greek Yogurt vanilla honey moisturizing body wash, and Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash in February. (This was before it was so hot you considered showering under the wedding cake froyo nozzle as an appropriate fourth meal.) So now you can pump yogurt onto your body in the shower in between your 11p.m. withdrawal and your morning refill.

From the Dial web site itself:

“Inspired by your favorite frozen treat, this oh-so-cool body wash lathers up with a sensational chill, and rinses away to reveal deliciously soft skin. Rich in healthy moisture with skin-conditioning yogurt proteins, it’s a refreshing way to wake up your skin!

The body wash has something called hydrolyzed yogurt protein along with 18 other ingredients in it, and it probably smells delicious. Hopefully Philosohpy will come up with a product that lets you work some cookies and cream bath crystal toppings into your shower routines. Until then, go ahead. You’re still a grown ass person. It’s for your health.


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