PHOTOS: Diana Vreeland’s Memos

Diana Vreeland. Just saying her name invokes images of old copies of Vogue, stunning gowns — a woman with an imppecible eye and flawless taste. If we had the choice to sit down for lunch with one person — dead or alive — I would argue that we’d choose Madame Vreeland. To be the fly on the wall of her office? A dream. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with her story, we highly suggest you run — and run fast — to pick up her biography.

With Vreeland in mind, as she always is, we came across this: (Think the Da Vinci Code but instead of the Holy Grail, we’re talking about Diana Vreeland’s inner most thoughts).

Visionaire announced:

One day a mysterious package arrived at the Visionaire offices. It was a large box containing more than four-hundred original memos from Diana Vreeland to her staff at Vogue. The package had been sent to us by a contributor who preferred to remain anonymous but who had been on the receiving end of some of this legendary inter-office correspondence. In some ways, the experience was like stumbling upon fashion’s Holy Grail. We had heard stories about these memos but were stunned to find out that they actually existed. Dating from 1966 to 1972, the memos, which were dictated to Vreeland’s secretary from the sanctuary of her bathroom each morning, covered topics ranging from the wacky (the use of freckles or the utter importance of dog collars, for example) to the divine (the genius of Halston). But more importantly, the Vreeland memos provide a rare glimpse inside the mind of one of the most influential women in fashion history.

After receiving the memos, Visionaire received special permissions from Conde Nast to publish 4,000 limited edition copies of almost 150 of Vreeland’s memos. In the words of the great Rachel Zoe, we die. Absolutely die.

And thanks to The Trad, we’ve got an image of one of the memos. Eat your hearts out, Vreeland-a-holics. Spanish shawls may be making a comeback.

To see more of the memos, including one where Vreeland expresses her extreme disappointment regarding the lack of pearls in one issue, visit Visionaire.

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