Diane Kruger Almost Made Us Regret Being Her Friend

OK. We know we say this about a lot of celebrities, but Diane Kruger is our ultimate, written-in-permanent-marker numero uno. Once, we even had a dream about her. (It wasn’t weird.)

Nothing could ever make us renounce our true-blue buddy, but her shockingly just-average turnout at the European Film Awards had us speed-dialing to check if nothing horrible had happened with Pacey Joshua Jackson.

Thank goodness it was just the hair. There will definitely be a beauty story tomorrow complimenting Diane’s “effortless waves” and flawless inner-corner highlight, but yesterday, her loose blond tresses just competed against all that Valentino Couture embroidery.

An up-do would’ve improved matters greatly, and so would’ve — strangled gasp! — a different Valentino. Listen. Diane has beautiful, broad shoulders, but they were hidden underneath a bunch of beads and thread, throwing off the proportions of her head and body. See how much better a high neckline with more streamlined arms looked here.

Of course she’s still better operating at half capacity than 99.9 percent of the human population, but we want our girl to look her best, don’t we?

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